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Friday, May 20, 2011


It was the first time Mummy bring along, Daddy, Topaz and Orion to see gynae after carrying the baby for 4-5 months! Nene was going along with us.

Topaz was very excited as Mummy told him he can "see" the baby. After the gynae, Dr Susanan Huang examine Mummy, she also confirmed the sex of the baby!. she announced firmly that "it is a Boy!" and she continued " i hardly made any mistake in the sex of the baby, it is a boy!"

Mummy and Daddy have expected it to be a boy.. Mummy has 3 brothers and 8 Uncles! Daddy has 2 brothers too! We knew the chance to have baby girl is very slim. Anyway, we are alright with 3 boys as they are our precious!

But, something went wrong..... Mummy noticed that Topaz's eyes turned red and suddenly he was so quiet. Oh! He is very sad!! Daddy and Mummy had to comfort him!!

He was very upset because it is a baby brother!! He was worry that his "Ta Qui" (Mummy's eldest brother) will take away his baby brother as Topaz had a deal with his "Ta qui" that if it is a boy then "Ta Qui" will take the baby away!!

It took us sometime to comfort him, we even called Mama to comfort him.

Topaz: "Why? Why like that?" then he cried. We know he prayed everynight for a baby girl so "Ta qui" cannot take away the baby!

It was a very meaningful day for Topaz, Mummy hopes he can learn from this lesson that don't simply give any promise to anyone!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I know how to make money!!


Last night Daddy, Mummy, Nene, Topaz and Orion were out for Christmas shopping. We passedby Tropicana Club house to make U Turn.
Mummy: Topaz this area nice to stay or not?
Topaz: Yes, very nice, we can play golf here any time!
Mummy: Can you buy me a house in this area when you grow up?
Topaz: Yes. Mummy but why you not buy now?
Mummy: Need a lot of money!
Topaz: Harr!! I know how to make money!!!
Mummy: (wow again??) DON'T TELL ME you are going to shot the money to make more
money as what pink panther did!!! OR.... Do puppet show for children to collect RM2
from each of them since they all love it!!!!
Topaz: NO!! NO (Topaz was laughing!!) I know the new way to make money!!!
Mummy: WHAT is that!!!!
Topaz: you can sit outside the house when you are old and people will give you mone!!!!
Mummy: WHATTTTTT??? You are not going to take care of me??
Topaz: No mummy, I will take care of you!! I will give you food when you are old!!!

Mummy really does not like this idea!!! Poor Mummy!! However, Mummy does admit that Topaz is very good boy... it happened on the same night....

After shopped for 1 hour plus... all of us were tired. We went to "Oxxk-oxxk" for tea and something light for Topaz and Orion. Mummy ordered sandwich (with cheese and ham, Topaz loves it). however, Topaz couldnot finish it.

Mummy: Topaz, do you like this sandwich?
Topaz: Yes.
Mummy: Do you know this sandwich is very expensive?
Topaz: Really? How much?
Mummy: RM7.90!!
Topaz: Mummy next time you tell me if expensive then I will choose another one!!
Mummy: Ok, next time we will choose another one!!

... after meal we went to coldstorage to get eggs....
Topaz: Mummy can I buy this bag of sweet?
Daddy: How much?
Topaz: I think is 1.99.
Topaz brought Mummy and Daddy to the shelf...
Daddy: Topaz this is 21.99 not 1.99!!!
Topaz: No, Daddy not this!!! thatone Daddy!!
Daddy: Oh it is 9.99 not 1.99!!
Topaz: Expensive??
Mummy: Yes!! For a bag of sweet it is expensive!!!
Topaz: ok.
Topaz thereafter put the sweet back to the shelf!!

See that's mummy's boy!!!