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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Step Children

Last night, Mummy, Daddy, Topaz and orion went for Movie "Shrek". It was so funny. all of us enjoy the movie. We pick up USA Yee Po after the movie. While we are waiting for USA Yee Po, Mummy and Daddy were talking about Step children.
Topaz: Mummy, what is "Step children"
Daddy:"Step Children" mean when Daddy die and Mummy married to new Daddy then you and
orion are step children for the new Daddy"
Topaz: Mummy who youy will marry after Daddy die?
Mummy: I will let you know when Daddy die.
Topaz: No, tell me now!!
Mummy: How about marry to your Daddy?
Topaz: Mummy, you cannot marry to Daddy when Daddy die!
Mummy: ok, ok...
Topaz: Mummy, will you marry me or Orion when Daddy die?
Mummy: How can I marry my own children?
Topaz: When Daddy die, me and Orion both grow up already, will you marry me or Orion?
Mummy: Har!!! when you both groww up... Mummy also old already!!!
the conversation stop when USA Ye Po coming out from the house and walking toward our car........

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