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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to train your dragon

Last night, it was Monday night, Daddy, Mummy and Topaz went for a movie "How to train your Dragon".

On the way to Tropicana City, Topaz was so excited and asked...
Topaz: Mumy what is the meaning of "train"?
Mummy: hmm..
Topaz: I know! It is to teach the dragon to bath and to eat!
Mummy was so surprised.
Mummy:Who told you that?
Topaz: Mama told me to train dragon is to teach dragon like how to bath and how to eat.

In the mall, while waiting for the movie (movie started at 9.00p.m and we had arrived there at 7.30p.m.), we went for our dinner. Topaz was jumping up and down, he was so excited of the movie and cannot even wait for it to start.

We bought popcorn after the dinner, it was around 8.30 p.m., Topaz took one and looked at Mummy and said: I take one only."

We were there since 8.30p.m. but the worker only allowed us to go in 10 mins before the movie starts. While waiting for the movie, Mummy took one popcorn, Topaz looked at Mummy and said: "Mummy, you can only take one, can only eat when the movie starts." Seems like Mummy need to learn a lot of things from her little precious boy!

When the movie was started, Topaz was shouted in the Cinema and keep making noise that he was so scared. Shhhh.. that's all Mummy and Daddy told him besides hugging him. He did not fall asleep and he even enjoyed the movie. When it was finished. Topaz said loudly "I like this Movie!!". Daddy and Mummy were smiling at each other, maybe that's all we wanted to hear from him. It really make our money and time spent worth.

Topaz was sleeping in the car on our way back home. It must be very tiring day for him.

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