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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I do not spend too much time on computer

Few nights ago, mummy, daddy, Topaz and Orion were in the bedroom as it was the time for kids to sleep!!

Topaz, Orion and Mummy were on bed but Daddy was on his lovely sofa palying with PSP games.
Mummy: Topaz, why your Daddy always like to play games?
Topaz : Ya. Why Daddy always looking at the computer and not LOOK AT Mummy?
Mummy: (hee..) You are right Topaz!!
Topaz : I do not spend too much on computer! I go to school, eat lunch, day care and come
home, take bath, eat dinner, I spend time with Orion as well!! I do not look at
computer for too long!!
Mummy: (LOL) You are a very good boy and good kokor!!!

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