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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time to "hang" Christmas Tree


Christmas is around the corner. Daddy has decided to put up our 10 feet tall Christmas Tree at night. It was an excited night for Topaz.

Topaz: Mama, tonight Daddy and I will hang Christmas Tree!!
Mummy: Oh!! you want to "hang" Christmas Tree?
Topaz: No No No... cannot hang... put up the Tree!! haaa....

Daddy came home late, he took his dinner only after 8 p.m. After a "long wait" for Topaz, Daddy, Topaz and of course our lovely little Orion started put up the Christmas Tree. Topaz can now put up all the branches. He is really a good helper for Daddy!! Of course Orion had done his part too by mixed up around all the branches (all braches have alphabets on them) and carrying them around! Mummy just sitting on the sofa gave instruction to Orion in order to control damage.

Time flies, Daddy and Mummy still remember Topaz cannot really help Daddy to put up the tree at all last year. Not to say our little Orion.

10.11.2010 will be the night to put lights and ornaments on the tree!! Topaz's 1st Christmas Tree....that he put up himself.

Happy Birthday to our 10 feet Christmas Tree!! You have been with us for 2nd Christmas!!

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