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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is not Christmas Present!!


Daddy and mummy were busy to shop for christmas present for all our loves one on last weekend.

We decided to get Topaz mordern "Gasing" as Christmas present which he wanted for long cos his Jeriel Kor Kor also has. Topaz wants to play with his Jeriel Kor kor.

Topaz: This is not Christmas Present, Mummy
Mummy: You don';t want this as Christmas Present?
Topaz: I don;t want.
Mummy: ok then we put it back to the shelve.
Topaz: NO!! I don;t want this as Christmas present but I want this.
Mummy: ??? What do you mean?
Topaz: Christmas present must be a surprise and something i don;t know what is it.
Mummy: Ok then we can put it back then I will choose another present for you.
Topaz: NO!! I want this toy!! You can just buy this toy for me but not for Christmas then I can open it now!!

Finally, mummy understand what's the reason behind it!! He just cannot wait for Christmas to open this present!!

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