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Friday, December 19, 2008

Bolt-Orion's first movie-19-12-2008

"Watch Movie, Eat Popcorn" is the reward for Topaz from us being such a good boy.

We decided to bring him for "Bolt" together with Mama (Topaz's grandmother) and ... of course our another good boy i.e. Orion.

I always ask Topaz...

Mummy: Mummy has 2 good boys... who?

Topaz : Topaz and didi Orion

Orion is now 6 months old. We decided to take the challege to bring him for his first movie in cinema since he is a very quiet and cheerful baby.

Orion felt asleep after staring at the screen for half an hour... when he woke up, he looked around and continuing to "watch movie" and he did not make any noise at all.

This is Orion's first movie experience.

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