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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Lunch 21-12-2008

My colleagues were decided having a yearly event i.e. Christmas lunch at Sunway Hotel since one of my colleages has UOB Credit Card that entitle for 50% discount for the meal...Good deal ler :)

Me, Joel, Topaz and Orion were attending the lunch.

We really had good time. The best part was gifts exchange.

Topaz was helping us to take our exchanged gifts (total 2).

He opened the first gift and said "I don;t like it. It was a nice spices set.

Then the 2nd gift.. he opened and said "I don;t like it as well..." he was so sad... It was a Jewellery Box...Joel wished it comed with Jewellery...heee of course his dream does not come true.

As my colleague Neela saw my son so sad she gave him a roll of chocolate.

Mummy: You happy now?
Topaz: Yes!! But this is not a present.

Then I realised that as the chocolate was not wrapped then it is not a present. To him a present must be wraped!!

Last night (22/12/2008), I opened the jewellery box and showed to him. It was actually a musical Jewellery Box. I showed him how to operate it. He was so happy.

Mummy: Do you like it?
Topaz: Yes!!

Topaz took the box to Mama's (grandmother's) room and transferring all the "Jewellery" (i.e his watch and mama's watch) from the old box into the new box. He told me the old box too small and not good must put in the new box!!

Thanks to my colleague, Shai, for this wonderful gift to make my son so happy!!! And also the spice set as well.

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