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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas eve Part 1-Food

We are having our Christmas dinner at our apartment instead at Winchester house as the renovation still on going.

Our relatives from Penang are joining us for this special event this year.

What food we are having? hee...

Mushroom soup (Joel's own recipe)
French Salad (Prepared by Patricia). She said next year she wants to do her old style coleslaw...
Chicken and Fish Nuggets (Hee.. my own recipe)

Main course:
Lamb Leg (exchanged with Turkey as Turkey too holy and went to my mother in
law's call group gathering, prepared by my mother in law)
Pasta (My 2nd brother in law, Othniel's, own recipe)
Rosemary Chicken (Prepared by Patricia). She was figuring how to use my mother in law new oven at Kepong....and almost cooked her hand. ha! ha! she was trying to blame the oven

Vegetable (Joel's own recipe)

Jelly (Prepared by Patricia)-used cartoon mold....Topaz and Jeriel boy were "sapu" them...
Fruit (Prepared by Othniel)
Mango Yogurt cake (Prepared by my 3rd brother in law, Nathanael)
Ice cream cake (Prepared by Nathanael)

Orange (Preapred by Me)

All the food are delicious and we almost finish most of the food!!

I think we have no problem to run a restaurant, right? May be just open for Christmas Meal?

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