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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

09-08-2009 it is alright!

Topaz, Orion and mummy were watching TV in the hall. Suddenly,
Topaz screamed: "Ai!!! Orion bites me!!!"
Then he cried.

Orion now has around 16 teeh (he refuses to open his mounth to let mummy count!).

Then Mummy has to comfort Korkor as it is really painful if bite by Orion! Mummy has experience it before.

At night, while Mummy put Topaz to his bed to sleep. mummy was playing with Orion. Mummy "bites" Orion fingers! Orion knows and he pull his fingers backward.

Topaz asked: "Mummy, what are you doing?" he looked so puzzle..
Mummy cheecky and said" Biting didi's fingers"
Topaz was so annoyed and said" No! Mumy don;t do it!"
Mummy asked "Why not? did bite you this morning!"
Topaz very serious and said" It is alright, Mummy. It is fine! Don;t bite didi!"
Mummy continued: "But did bite you, so I also must bite didi!!"
Topaz said: Mummy, you taught is wrong! Cannot bite didi!!"

Hee... so Mummy has learnt lesson from Topaz Ta Kokor!!

Topaz loves Orion very much that he refused Mummy throw didi away eventhough he complaints didi very naughty!!

Hmmm... what kind of mummy is this? Bite son's fingers and throw him away?? Har!!

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