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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

31-08-2009 TV remote control

Hurray!! Extra "rest day" (no need to go to office). Daddy and Mummy were sitting on the sofa. Daddy: Do you know your younger son very smart?

Mummy: Ya, (Of course!! That's my boy!! :) ). Why you said that?
Daddy: He took away the TV remote control from Topaz!
Mummy: Not something new! He loves to take away the TV remote control from his brother
and keep pressing the buttons. This Topaz will then complaint to me! And Orion will laugh! He just loves to do this!
Daddy: But Orion took the remote control from Topaz then he will rum away and Topaz will
chase after him!
Mummy: Oh.. this is something new!! I did not know that both of them can play chasing game!!
Hmm.... I believe it is because I have taught Topaz how to turn to his favourite
channel after Orion changed it. Since then, Topaz did not make any noise and just take
back the remote control from Orion!! No wonder Orion needs to run away from his

Orion is only 1 year and 2 months plus can even think how to play with his korkor. 1st took away the remote control, 2nd run away and make korkor chases after him!!

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