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Saturday, June 27, 2009

May 2009 sunset, sunrise

Topaz always confuse with sunset, sunrise....

It may because he wakes up at 7a.m and it is still "Sunset".... (the sky still dark).

Everyday, before Mummy leaves the house to go to work, he will remind Mummy..

Topaz: Mummy you come back early!!!
Mummy: Ok!
Topaz: Come back when sunrise!!!

?? Sunrise!!That's mean Mummy can only come back in the morning?

Mummy: Sunrise?
Topaz: Yes! Sunrise! beore the sky is dark!
Mummy: Ok. I will come back fast fast.
Topaz: No! It is wrong!
Mummy: Wrong?
Topaz: Coma back fast when no traffic and slow when traffic jam!
Mummy:...hmm... ok.

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