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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

29-08-2009 Topaz's and Orion's room

Topaz is making a lot of noise that he wants to sleep in Topaz's and Orion's room!

Mummy asked Daddy to put beds in their room on 29-08-2009. Daddy initially refused as he said Topaz will not sleep in the room!! Mummy told Daddy it was Topaz's wish....

After Daddy confirmed with Topaz then Mummy, Daddy and Mama have to do start our project to re-arrange the room. We put 2 beds in the room, one for Topaz and one for Orion.

The next morning, 30-08-2009, Mummy wake Topaz up and told him than he is so brave can sleep alone in the room.

Topaz: Where is Orion?

Har!! he is expected his brother to sleep with him!!

Topaz has been sleeping in the room since then..... by himslef.

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