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Friday, September 25, 2009

25.09.2009 Come back home earlier!!

It was before Topaz's alarm clock rang, Topaz was standing besides Orion's bed to wake me up. Suddenly, the alarm clock rang. it was 6.30 a.m. Topaz turned off the alarm clock and followed Mummy to go to downstairs.

Topaz: "Good Morning, Mama!!"
Mama was preparing Topaz's breakfast in the dry kitchen. Seems like everyone was early!
Mama: "Good Morning, Topaz!"

As usual, Mama was getting ready for Topaz to go to school. The only different was that it was Mummy's turn to send Topaz to kindy. Traffic was clear and Mummy was managed to reach office earlier after sent Topaz to school yesterday.

It was drizzling, Mummy's car was parked along the road side. Topaz was so excited and requested to use his Spiderman Umbrella. It was a small umbrella for kids. He had waited for this opportunity for long. Mama passed the Spiderman Umbrella to him. Mummy had no choice but to share this small umbrella with Topaz. Ai....

Mummy and Topaz were chit chating in car on the journey to his Kindy.

Topaz: Mummy, I don;t know what is your work place.
Mummy: Ok, I will bring you to see.
Topaz: Mummy, when I am in 5 year old class, you move your work place near my school.
Mummy: hmm.. change job??hmm... (goodness me, Mummy just changed job on 15.06.2009!!)
Topaz: Mummy, I don;t want to stay too long in school.
Mummy: You want to stay half day instead of full day?
Topaz: Yes. That's what I want! Mummy.
Mummy: Ok, I will put you in half day in school only.
Topaz: Ok. you can pick me up?
Mummy: Yes., I will try to pick you up.
Topaz: Ok. Thank you Mummy.

Suddenly, Mummy reliased that she turned into wrong way.
Mumm:"Ai wrong way..."
Topaz: "Yes, wrong way again Mummy!!"
Mummy: "Ya.. Mummy always go wrong way..."
Topaz:"Yes....wrong way."
Mummy: Never mind I use another way. and turn.."
Topaz: "Yes turn right!"
Mummy: Wow you regconize the way?"
Topaz" Yes, Mama told me."
Mummy: "Why? Mama always goes wrong way?
Topaz: "No. Mama goes right way! she will bring me one round. Cannot go wrong way, waste
Mummy" Ok.......(waste petrol?? How old are him?? waste

After reached the kindy, it was still early, 7.20 am. The kindy's gate was closed. Mummy had to use the "Spiderman Umbrella" to cover Topaz and walked into the compound with Topaz.

Topaz: Mummy, got shade already!!
Mummy: Ok, Bye Topaz.
Topaz: Bye Mummy.
Topaz shouted: Mummy, come back earlier from work!!
Mummy: Ok.

Topaz then shouted again:"Mummy rememebr to come back earlier when it is sunrise!!!"

Oh no!! it was so loud! A man was keep looking at Topaz and Mummy... Mummy was wonder what's in this man's mind? Maybe...."Why this mummy always come back home late?" "No time for this so cute child?"

Mummy walked as fast as possible to her car and drove off to work. It was a wonderful day for Mummy except the Spiderman and the Man....

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