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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

18.12.2009-Save Money

Mummy always tell Topaz must buy something that he needs and not something he wants. To make it easy, Mummy always tell him must save money then he have money go to USA to visit Yee Po for white Christmas. And it helps to make Topaz understand that it is important to save money for something. However... it may not turn out the way Mummy wants.....

Aunty Hui Yee is visiting Mummy in KL. Topaz and Hui Yee were waiting for Mummy and Daddy in car when they went in a shop to get something.
Topaz was looking at the coldstorage's booklet. he pointed at somw weet and ask Aunty Hui Yee.
Topaz: Can you buy this for me?
Hui Yee: This sweet?
Topaz: Yes. Can you buy this for me? My mummy wants to save money so she cannot buy for

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