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Monday, March 29, 2010

I want a mei mei...

Few months ago...
Topaz: Mummy, I want a mei mei... I prayed to God for a mei mei..
Mummy: Why you want a mei mei? Why not di di?
Topaz: Because I see Ariel mei mei so cute and pretty!!
Mummy: How about Orion? Isn't that Orion cute? Do you love orion?
Topaz: Yes!! I love Orion! he is so cute!! But I have di di already...
Mummy: Ok..ok.. mummy will try ...
Topaz: Mummy promise is a promise.. you have promise to give me a mei mei!! (he was so happy!!)
Mummy: No! I did not promise to give you mei mei but I will try to have another baby. whther is a mei mei or didi you need to ask God.
Topaz: Jessus, I want a mei mei, thank you Jessus. In the name of Jessus Amen.

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