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Monday, March 29, 2010


Orion is a very cheeky and cute boy.

He is almost 2 but he is so small size just like 1 year old boy. He runs here and there, climbs up and down. He loves bananas so much that he will climb on table and enjoy bananas on table while mama was busy in the kitchen.

He loves to follow what his Tai Kokor does includes laying on floor to watch TV. He also loves to disturb his Tai Kokor by sleeping on top of him, biting him when he is angry and kissing him whenever he wants to. In fact, Orion kisses all of us all the times especially his daddy! Daddy hardly scolds him as he always being so lovely to daddy. Mummy would said he plays his card right.

He refuses to drink milk especially mummy is the one who feeds him. Mummy has to "lock" him in the room, after crying for around 1 minute, he will surrender and finish his milk. Same to his porridge and cereal. Of course, he enjoys our tasty food.

He always come out from the car seat, this definitely unlike his brother who always cry but unable to come out the car seat all by himself. Maybe is the size....

He woke up in the middle of the night, smiled to Mummy and even play with Mummy..... Mummy had to sing song to make him sleep....and it happend not one or two.... ai...

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