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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Kindy-Part Two-05-01-2009

Me and Mama (Topaz's grandmother) were tried to find out what was happened in Kindy after I dropped him. Whether he cried like other children or being so brave...

Mummy: How was your school?
Topaz : Good.
Mummy : Do you like to go to school?
Topaz : Yes!!
Mummy: You got cried in school?
Topaz : yes...(said softly)
Mummy: Why ( I was so surprised to hear that!!)
Topaz : Got yellow Monster!!!
Mummy : What?!!?? Yellow Monster??
Topaz : Yes!!!
Mummy : Then how?
Topaz : Me Teresa (one of the teachers, used to be his "girl friend") rescued me...
Mummy: did she rescue you?
Topaz: She took photo with me.
Mummy:...???hmmm...took photo?
Topaz: Yes!!!
Mummy: can you show me the photo?
Topaz: Cannot!!!
Mummy :Why?
Topaz: Because the yeloow Monster will bite the photo....
Topaz: Correct!! The yellow Monster will bite the photo...

Oh no...what happen to Topaz in school? what was the yellow monster? hmmm must find out from Ms Teresa....

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