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Friday, January 23, 2009

Crab...(part 1)


Mummy loves to eat crabs.

During last year Chinese New Year, Nene (Mummy's mother) bought 3 big crabs to cook for mummy while whole family went back to Kuching!

Topaz was around 2 ++ and he was very very active (actually now he is also very active) and climbed up and down and refused to sleep but to play.

Mummy got an idea to make sure he stayed in the room.

Mummy took the 3 crabs (yee... still alive) which Nene put in a pail, and show them to Topaz. Mummy warned Topaz better go to sleep or the crabs would bite him! Then Mummy put the crab outside the room.

Topaz really did not dare to go out of the room!! But of course he make a lot of noise in the room. He kept asking Mummy what happen to the Crabs? Why the Crabs in the pails and etc....

Ai... it is a very lousy idea as end up I need to answer more questions to him!!

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