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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas lunch 21-12-2008 (Part Two)

I was informed of this by my colleague, Emily. Of course, it is about Topaz.

While we were celebrating our Christmas lunch together with my colleagues at Sunway.

All of my colleagues were busy to take care of Topaz and Orion. On the other hand, me and Joel were busy enjoying our meal.

Topaz was following Emily to play bubble!! Emily was so busy blowing bubble for him. It was prepared for Byrian (Chuah's only son) to play with Topaz. Unfortunately, he did not turn up. Topaz was so sad. Luckily Emily was around to entertain him.

While they were playing outside the restaurant, Topaz saw a dolphin's statute. He pointed at the dolphin's fin and asked Emily

Topaz: What is it?
Emily: It is fin.
Topaz: Why got fin?
Emily: So dolphin can swim!
Topaz: No!!! It can not swim. It is dead.
Emily: hm.......

Poor Emily....

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