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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to Kindy-Part Three-06-01-2009

All of us are very curious what's the "Yellow Monster". We thought it was the famous "Yellow Man"...but of course he and his daddy like the Yellow Man very much (they think it is cute).

The next day, when Mama (Topaz's grand mother) sent Topaz to kindy. It was Ms Teresa who take Topaz down from Mama's car...hee golden opportunity.

After checked with Ms Teresa, the "Yellow Monster" was actually a puppet. His class was playing puppet show!!

Topaz was actually scared of Puppet when he was young (he is a big boy now...even he is 3 ++...he even told me "I am big boy now. See!!!" then he stood still and let me see how big boy he is....).

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