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Thursday, June 11, 2009

05-06-2009 ZOO

Daddy and Mummy were on leave on 5/6/2009 to bring Topaz to Zoo Negara.

Topaz can recognise A-Z but not word. He can only spell:

ZOO is the third word that he now know how to spell after the Zoo's trip. He is now making noise wants to go to ZOO and not Zoo.

Even daddy and Mummy have warned him not to go too near to the animals. He always said : "I am strong!! I can fight with all the animal!!" he showed the actions of fighting!

However, when we bring him near the animals, even cows, he was so scared and dare not go near the animals.

When we saw cows....
Mummy: Why so scared?
Topaz: The animals are big!
Mummy: But you are strong and can fight with all the animals?

Mummy likes to tease with Topaz...
Topaz: But they are very tall and big!!

When we saw Zebras....
Mummy: Let's go near the Zebras
Topaz: NO!!!
Mummy: Why? You scared?

Hee....again, Mummy teased Topaz.
Topaz: No! I can fight... but there is a big drain there! We cannot go near the Zebra!!! Let's go!
Topaz has 1001 excuses for thing that he does not want to do....

We visited almost all the animals in the Zoo except those houses doing renovation and some even went for school holiday like penguins. We spent almost one whole day and picnic in the Zoo. We had burgers, biscuits, bread and juice with ice under the hot sun for our lunch.

We always watched Multi Animals Show. Parrots and seal lions showed off their telents. Orion was so excited and kept making noise and waved his hand!!
It was a nice trip.

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