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Saturday, June 27, 2009

15.06.2009-I know why mummy change job

Mummy started her new job on 15.06.2009 after worked with the ex firm for 6 1/2 years.

Mummy was getting ready to go to work for the first day. It was about 7.20a.m. and it was bit late as Mummy has to travel to KL from PJ.

While Mummy rushed to go out from the house, Mummy over heard the conversation between Mama and Topaz.

Mama: Mummy is going to work in a new company. She has changed job.
Topaz: Change Job? Why?
Mama: hmm.. because...
Topaz : Har! I know why!!
Mama: Why?
Topaz: Old job not much work to do, cannot pay mummy well. The new job has more work to do
so they can pay mummy well!!

Mummy really no comment on this.... :-(

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