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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am 1 year old!


Today, Orion is 1 year old. He can walk 1-2 steps without holding and has 5 teeth on top and 4 at the bottom. He can wave good bye and fly kiss (but only the sound, his kiss can "fly" on good mood mode only)

Orion has high fever on last Sunday. Orion was so sleepy and sleep almost all the time. He is 7.8kg to 8.1 kg (as weight by 2 different doctors). He is consider a little bit small size....

Orion is now recovering and preparing himself for his birthday party but he has not pass motion since Sunday. Mother is very worry and thinking to bring him to see Dr tomorrow for the third time.

We are planning to have a small party for Orion at home. It will be a small gathering among family members and some close friends. Hope all of us will have great time!

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