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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I cannot reach!!


Mummy has registered Topaz for holiday programme for these 2 weeks at Jeriel kokor's kindy. Jeriel Kokor is Topaz's best friend. He is actually Topaz's counsin brother. Topaz loves to play with Jeriel Kokor all the time and Topaz always ask "Is Jeriel Kokor coming?" "Why?" "Why Jeriel Kokor not coming today?I want to play with Jeriel Kokor everyday!!"

Mummy went to pick up Topaz in the Kindy. Jeriel Kokor saw Mummy coming then he took Topaz's bag for him. Topaz came out from the Kindy.

Mummy: "Where are your socks?"
Topaz looked puzzled. He cannot remember where he put his socks.
Jeriel Kokor looked at Topaz and said :"I cannot take for you, you need to take it yourselves!" Jeriel Kokor being a Kokor he brought Topaz around to look for his socks!! What a good kokor!!

Finally, Topaz remember he put his socks in the bag. So he took his sandal and stand in front of the door. This Jeriel Kokor automatically helped this lazy Topaz to wear his sandal!!

Teacher cannot stand this Topaz and said:"You can wear all by yourself!!"
Topaz straighten his hand and said :"I cannot reach!!" he is saying his hands cannot reach his legs so he cannot wear his sandal!!

Mummy asked him in car:"Why you not wearing your sandal all by yourself?"
Topaz:"My hands and legs are sleepy!!" What if he has not this Jeriel Kokor?

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